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About T5S2

A new way to play 40k

TacticalTortoise is a YouTube channel and global community of gamers dedicated to sharing their enjoyment of the tabletop wargaming hobby with a focus on fun, competitive Warhammer 40,000.

T5S2 stands for the TacticalTortoise Tabletop Simulator Tournament Series; it is a global ranking of online Warhammer 40,000 tournaments played using the Tabletop Simulator engine.

The T5S2 circuit includes both events run by TacticalTortoise, and those hosted by other organizers.


Playing in T5S2 ranked events contributes to your season standing and could qualify you for a bi-annual Season Invitational Tournament that will crown the best virtual 40k player in the world!

Keep reading to learn how to join the community and get started in your first T5S2 event!

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Upcoming & Ongoing Events


Season 8 Standard Pods (Semi-competitive)

Fight for T5S2 standings points with these FREE 4-round, 16-player tournaments, launching weekly.

Join the pod waitlist in your timezone on the Discord server.


T5S2 Season 7 Invitational (Stream Event)

Live coverage of games between the 16 top online 40k players in the world.  More information on the Invitational page.


Youngbloods Combat Patrol (Casual)

Learn to play 40k or just get quick and dirty games in with the Combat Patrol format!  Register at the link here.


In With The New GT! (Competitive)

Welcome in 10th Edition with a bang with 5 games of Warhammer 40k action!  Register at the link here.

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How to Join T5S2

As a player...

  • Download Tabletop Simulator from Steam

  • Visit the Battleforged Mod Compilation homepage and follow the download instructions to install 40k mods:

    • Click "Direct Download" to download the Battle-Forge Zip file.

    • Locate your Saves file under /Your Computer/Documents/My Games/ Tabletop Simulator

    • Copy the Saves file from the Zip and replace and overwrite your Saves file in your Tabletop Simulator Folder

    • Warhammer 40k mods will be available in the "Save & Load" folder from the "Games" menu once in the game.

  • Join the TacticalTortoise community Discord to join a TacticalTortoise event, or see other events that are live

    • You can join the Standard Pod waitlist by posting in one of the #join-a-pod channels

    • You can find Rapid Fire Pods to join in the #join-a-rapid-fire-pod channel

    • You can find other event to join in the #T5S2-other-tournaments channel

As a Tournament Organizer...

  • Only event standings from the Best Coast Pairings app may can be added to the standings - if your event was run elsewhere it may need to be recreated within BCP (events can be added retroactively!)

  • In order to be added to the T5S2 standings, an event must meet the following requirements:

    • The event must be publicized at least 2 weeks prior to its launch

    • The event must be open to the public to join (events with entry fees, or those that require a subscription ​to join are allowed as long as those services can be freely purchased at the time of the event)

    • The event must have at least 8 registered players and run at least 3 rounds

    • The event must use the current Warhammer 40,000 Matched Play rules and be played with armies of at least 1,500 points

    • Final standings for the event must be based on results only; without soft scores

    • Players on the T5S2 Lifetime Ban List are not allowed to register for, play in, or otherwise participate in the event.


Huge thanks to our sponsors and streaming partners!

Learn more about them here.

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