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T5S2 Season 2 Invitational

The T5S2 Seasonal Invitational is the culmination of the bi-annual TacticalTortoise TableTop Simulator Tournament Series!


This event pits the top 16 players from the T5S2 circuit standings against one another across 6 rounds of brutal Warhammer 40k to determine the GREATEST VIRTUAL 40K PLAYER IN THE WORLD!

Tune in to the event on YouTube and Twitch to watch the action and enter to win sweet prizes! (See the streaming schedule below).


Tune In Live!


Group Stage Participants

Group 1

Group 3

Group 2

Group 4

Invitational Map Pool

priority target sym.JPG

Priority Target

Promethium Fields

retrieval mission sym.JPG

Retrieval Mission

Pit Stop

battle lines sym.JPG

Battle Lines

Militarum Airbase

scouring sym.JPG

The Scouring

Tombworld Reawakened

sweep and clear thumb.JPG

Sweep and Clear

Higher Road

overrun sym.JPG


Children of Khorne

Invitational Rules & Regulations

The T5S2 Season 2 Invitational will be played using Chapter Approved: Grand Tournament rules, with the following addendums/additions:

  • Lists must Battle Forged, total no more than 2,000 points and submitted before the list submission deadlines posted above.  The army's Warlord must be indicated.

  • Psychic powers, relics, warlord traits, litanies, adaptive physiologies, stratagems that are used "before the game", etc. may be selected during the "Muster Armies" stage of each game.

  • Each round will use a predetermined mission and terrain setup.

  • A player may roll of the attacks from one unit simultaneously as long as every attack being rolled target the same unit and have the same WS/BS, Strength, AP and damage characteristics.

  • In the event of a concession, the conceding player retains the VPs they have scored up until that point.  The other player may then continue playing to score additional VPs as if their opponent had no remaining time.

  • During the "Determine Victor" step, the bonus 10 "Battle Ready" VPs are automatically awarded to both players.

The Invitational will use chess clocks to ensure a brisk and fair pace of play.  The chess clock rules for the event are as follows:

  • Each player is allotted 90 minutes (1.5 hrs) for each game.

  • A player's clock is to be running when they are performing any game actions; such as, moving models, considering decisions, scoring VP or rolling dice.

  • When a player is performing game actions during their opponent's turn; the active player may switch the clock to them for the duration of those actions.  This may be done at the prerogative of either player or the judge, but is not required.

  • When a player's time is expended, they may no longer perform game actions during the game; including make mandatory attacks or rolls such as saving throws.

  • The clock may not be paused during the game except by a judge.

  • Deployment is not required to be performed on the chess clock - 20 minutes will be allowed for deployment to be completed before the clock will be started.

The Invitational will hold its players to the highest standards of sportsmanship and rules correctness.  The following guidelines are in place for rules and sportsmanship enforcement:

  • Players are expected to possess impeccable command of Warhammer 40k 9th Edition's rules, and especially rules pertaining to their own units and abilities.  Repeated rules mistakes may result in score penalties or ejection from the event.

  • Players are held to the highest standards of clean play - while take-backs and corrected mistakes are acceptable, provided they are performed with the permission of their opponent, misuse of measurement tools and sloppy play may result in score penalties or ejection from the event.

  • Players are expected to be ambassadors for the game of Warhammer 40k and conduct themselves with the highest level of sportsmanship.  Bullying, antagonistic behavior, talking back to other players or judges and other unsportsmanlike conduct may result in score penalties or ejection from the event.

  • Players' armies are meant to be close approximations of tabletop Warhammer 40k armies.  They are to use as close a digital model to the official model from Games Workshop as possible, and must be sized so that their bases are of the correct dimensions.  When in doubt, use Morpheus' Base Scaler for TTS (found here) alongside the dimensions listed on the Games Workshop website.  Incorrect model usage/scaling may result in score penalties or ejection from the event.

  • Players must generate their army using the Battlescribe2TTS tool to allow for quick reference in-game.  All Relics, Warlord Traits, Psychic powers and other pre-game selections must be identified in the model's tooltip before each game.

  • Players are expected to play all of their Invitational games and arrive to each game in a timely manner.  Unplayed games may result in both participants being ejected from the event.

The Group Stage will use rules released on or before January 15th, 2021 will be legal for Group Stage (1 week before the list submission deadline).  The Elimination Stage will use rules released on or before January 28th, 2021 (1 week before the list submission deadline).  In either case; rules released close to the deadline may be judged based on a doctrine of "rules as intended" to alleviate the effects any mistakes made by the Warhammer 40k design team.

The event will enforce rules judgements made in this document (which is subject to change at any time):.

Invitational Prize Pool

Grand Prize

2nd Place Prize

3rd-4th Place Prize

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